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7-qt. Thermal Cooker

The 7-qt.energy-saving thermal cooker is designed to provide ease and convenient for busy people. With its special 'heat-retention' cooking process and keep warm feature, it is extremely safe to use and a great energy Saver. Only 10 minutes of energy use for perfect stews. Cook while you are travelling, boating, RV'ing or tailgating. Will never overcook your food. Perfect cooking - retains the full flavors and nutrients of the food with no evaporation. You can leave it cooking while you go to work and the food will still keep warm until you return.

•    Economical, time saving and saves 80% of electricity or gas.

•    Great for picnics, boating, camping and outdoor use.

•    Food stays warm for up to 6 hours

•    Let the thermal cooker do the cooking.  Requires only stovetop cooking for 10-15 minutes.

•    Two cooking vessels, one large and one small.

Price: $109.95
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7-qt. Thermal Cooker
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