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Galleyware Christening Bottle

Continue the age old good luck tradition by breaking a champagne bottle over the bow of your new boat.  The bottle is double scored to allow it to break easily and is wrapped in a plastic sheet to ensure that the broken pieces of glass don't end up in the water.  It also comes with a gold bag to keep the pieces together.   The bottle should be broken on anything stainless steel, not on the fiberglass.   For safety purposes the person breaking the bottle should wear gloves and eye protection.   Observers should also have eye protection. The bottle should never be broken with observers in the direct line of the forward motion of the bottle.  Use as little force necessary to break the bottle.

The bottle contains water, not alcohol.

Manufacturer Part Number: 8000
Stock # A 8000
Price: $13.95
Galleyware Christening Bottle
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Galleyware Christening Bottle

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Made our first day a true event
Submitted by bob on
Christened our boat this apst weekend. Thank God we didn't look like Queen Elizabeth beating the bottle up against a Navy boat and not being able to break it. Must have been one hell of a case of tennis elbow.
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