Edson Stainless Steel Drink Holders

Edson’s new Stainless Drink Holders are cast from solid marine-grade 316 stainless and come in single, double or triple versions. They are available with cast stainless brackets for mounting to Edson Steering Pedestal Guard Pipes, within easy reach of captain and crew.

Edson’s new drink holders are designed to fit Koozies, cans, mugs and large cups up to 3-3/8” in diameter. The elegant design also features an open frame to accommodate coffee cup handles. The drink holders sit 3” high when installed and are highly polished in Edson’s classic “boat jewelry” style. They also feature well-rounded edges and a sleek design that will look great on any boat. For installation, an installed threaded stud allows a secure through bolt installation and a locator stud (on single and double versions) keeps them from turning once in place. And since they are cast in marine-grade stainless they won’t rust, bend or break.Single Swing-Out Drink Holders for 1

Edson’s Swing-Out Drink Holders are an all-new addition to the versatile line of Edson Drink Holders. A convenient and simple to install clamp-on design attaches to any 1” or 1-1/8” vertical pipe. Available in single and double models. Constructed of white polyethylene and can be mounted either port or starboard by simply removing the wire-form and turning upside down. Sized for cans in Koozies™ or larger cups.

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