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Clear (12-oz.)

Galleyware's exclusive 12-oz. non-skid polycarbonate tumblers that come with a lifetime warranty and a great price point!  Set includes four clear tumblers.  These are double insulated tumblers meaning they're two tumblers in one.  The air space in between the tumblers keeps hot drinks hotter longer and cold drinks colder longer.  Plus, they have a non-skid ring to prevent sliding and most importantly, they have a flat bottom so they don't tip over when the boat heels.  And, they're priced 30% less than the name brand.   4 per pack.
Manufacturer Part Number: 5705
Stock # DN 5705
Price: $29.95
Clear (12-oz.)
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Newport tumblers
Submitted by on
I love my Newport tumblers and purchased them to use in the hot tub. I always wash them by hand. Is it okay to wash them in the dishwasher??
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