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Non-Stick Pan Scratch Protectors

A new, innovative product from Galleyware.  Designed to protect the non-stick coating  on your Galleyware Professional Series nesting cookware set.   Each non-slip foam protector works as a barrier so your pots don't slide around while underway, preventing any scratching of the non-stck coating.  Replaces non-skid material and cardboard.   16" diameter.  Sold individually.   Three (3) Scratch Protectors will protect your Galleyware Professional cookware set.

Stock # DR 703
Price: $3.95
Non-Stick Pan Scratch Protectors
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Great Product
Submitted by Becky on
Saw these on our friends boat and she raved about the scratch protection. Threw away the shelf liner that we were using and are now using Pot Protectors. I highly recommend these for stacking cookware.
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