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Collapsible Prep Colander

Pull to pop it open, collapse to store! The Collapsible Prep Colander is the perfect kitchen tool for smaller rinsing, straining and draining jobs where you don’t need a large colander. This 7 cup capacity collapsible Prep colander is perfect for draining pasta, rinsing grains or cleaning fresh produce. The handle is designed to hook over the center divider of stainless steel sinks making it hands free. The Prep Colander can also be used as a free standing colander in the sink.  The Collapsible Prep Colander performs all the same functions of a standard hand strainer, but its flexible mid-section allows it to fold to 1/3 its original size. It takes up less space in a kitchen drawer or cabinet.

  • Specially designed hole pattern allows water to drain quickly and easily.
  • Two feet and handle keep Prep Colander raised for rapid draining.
  • A collection zone above the handle holds seed, stems and pits.
  • Rigid design allows the collapsible colander to stand on its own yet still folds easily for storage.


Care: Dishwasher Safe

Colors: Green

Material: PP and TPE

Dimensions: 4.37 x 4.75 (8.13) x 7.50

Capacity: 7 Cups

Stock # PR 4413
Price: $9.95
Collapsible Prep Colander
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