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Ring It!

Ring-IT!   An exclusive Galleyware silicone product that will make just about any stemware non-skid. Prevents tipping and sliding and also act as drink identifiers (six assorted colors). Ideal for Strahl drinkware. 

Manufacturer Part Number: 5005
Stock # C 5005
Price: $8.95
Ring It!
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Forget the stupid wine charms
Submitted by Tile McKenna on
What a fabulous product. I had wine charms so we could tell each others glass. Threw them out. These tell you that red is mine! and, they make our glasses non skid.
Submitted by catalinakarl on
Somone really though of a great product. I make sure these are accounted for when our boat guests leave. Makes anything nonskid
Thumbs up
Submitted by samboat on
Bought these at the Annapolis Boat Show. Makes our wine glasses non-skid and now I know which glass is mine (blue ring and near empty)
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