Starfish Image

The contemorporary Starfish design adds a lovely coastal touch to your waterside entertaining. Sip a cool drink on the porch or share a bottle of your favorite wine on the patio with these elegantly etched glasses. Each is individually diamond-wheel cut and highly polished. Hi-ball and DOF glasses have a single etched starfish. Stem wine glasses have a starfish, with wavy sea grass etched on the reverse side. 
The Starfish collection is stylish enough for an important dinner gathering yet casual enough for an impromptu front porch get-together. The glasses are a heavier weight to stand up to dishwasher use, making them a carefree addition to any beach cottage cupboard. Shown above are: 19 oz.  Grande White Wine,19 oz. Red Wine,  10.5 oz. White Wine,  15 oz. Cooler,  14 oz. DOF/Rocks.   Also available but not shown:15 oz. Stemless White Wine Tumbler, 21 oz. Stemless Red Wine Tumbler and 5.75 oz. Champagne Flute, Martini, Martini Tumbler, 16-oz. Iced Tea.  Sold in sets of four.   Pitchers sold individually.

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