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Champagne 8-oz. Flute

Our 8-oz. Flute has the look of fine crystal, yet it's made of Eastman Tritan and comes with a lifetime warranty on breakage.  This is a one piece glass - it does not have a seprate base and stem.   A very sophisticated look.  Great for boats, RV's, back yard events, cocktail parties and more.  Sold individually.   8 3/4" H


Want to make this glass non-skid?  Ring-It is an ingenius silicone product from Galleyware that makes virtually any stemmed glass non-skid.  Simply slip the silicone ring onto the base of your glass an no more slipping and sliding.
Stock # DL 1002
Price: $5.75
Champagne 8-oz. Flute
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Looks like crystal
Submitted by lilyg on
People were amazed on our boat that these were plastic. Nice product.
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