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Suitcase Dishrack

Made exclusively by Galleyware!

Our Suitcase Dish Rack is the perfect fit for boats, RV's and apartments, anywhere where space is at a premium.   When collapsed it measures just 12" L, 8" W and 2" H. When in use, it's footprint is 12" x 16 1/2".

It has 13 slots for plates, 4 round openings for vertical flatware and two side compartments for mugs and glasses. Nice four-color packaging makes it an ideal gift!  Uniquely nautical!

Manufacturer Part Number: PR 4604
Stock # PR 4604
Price: $19.95
Compare At: $25.95
Suitcase Dishrack
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Suitcase Dishrack

Product Reviews

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Best Boat Dishrack
Submitted by Sue Kowal on
The storage feature is great. Found that if you drill a hole in one end and let it sit over the sink it drains well.
Suitcase Dishrack
Submitted by Barbara V on
I've been looking for this for quite sometime. I've used these for over 10 years and my last one needed replacing. This is the greatest thing for galleys. I just happened to inquire about them on my last visit to West Marine and a kind salesman delighted me in directing me to them in the galley section. Now I'm happy again.
Excellent product, wonderful space saver
Submitted by ronnie on
The best!
Perfect For the Boat
Submitted by Cruiser1 on
Compact Design makes it easy to store. I like this one since the water will collect at the bottom of the rack, not on the counter of the galley. It can go through the dishwasher at home for a cleaning every so often.
Great Product
Submitted by steph428 on
So many of our friends have these on their boats but we couldn't find this anywhere. Now we did! The best product in our gally.
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