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Humid Proof Salt & Pepper Shakers (Set of 2)

The only salt & pepper shaker that are truly humid proof.  Designed for the home, boating, or the outdoors, spices stored within will always stay dry (clump-free) and clean no matter what the environmental conditions are.  The shakers are made using the highest quality materials – designed with ingenuity and manufactured using high quality techniques.  they're practically indestructible.  It's great for the home but even more suitable for anyone on the go as it weighs less than 2 ounces (45g) when empty. 
On the outside, it has a very appealing and unique design.  You can see exactly how much you have left.  Inside, it is made of highly resilient, advanced materials.  The gasket material that keeps your spices clean and dry is the same as that used in medical technology.  The caps are spring loaded to stay firmly closed - they won't open by accident.   The spring opening system is made of stainless steel and the seams  are ultrasonically welded.   5" tall,  1 3/4" base.   Units are sold without salt and pepper.
None finer!
Stock # IR 1003
Price: $32.95
Humid Proof Salt & Pepper Shakers (Set of 2)
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Humid Proof Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Outdoor Kitchen
Submitted by Dave Cappon on
I like to use my outdoor kitchen all year round. Salt always clumped because of humility. These shakers really work. Ordering another set today.
Humid Proof/Perfect!
Submitted by Debra on
I purchased these humid proof salt and pepper shakers at the beginning of the boating season and they are perfect for boating as the description said. Very satisfied with them.
Like Them
Submitted by Arnold Boyer on
Tried many. These work.
They really work!
Submitted by sailorlady on
Saw these on your site and decided to give them a try. I was prepared for another disappointment because so many salt shakers claim to be humid proof but really aren't. They really work! Great product!
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