New Galleyware Induction Cookware Sets

Date: October 29, 2015
Galleyware Induction Cookware Sets
New for 2016!

PLEASE NOTE:  We introduced this set at the recent Annapolis Sailboat Show to rave reviews (Carolyn Shearlock at The Boat Galley). Our container arrives around Thanksgiving and we will ship the day the product arrives. This is a pre-container price. Take advantage now. Google "Nesting Induction Cookware" to see just how good this price is.

Galleyware introduces our new line of 9-pc and 14-pc. Nesting Induction Cookware sets.  Unlike traditional gas or electric cooktops, Induction cooktops use a magnetic field to cause resistive heating directly in the pan which in turn heats the food. This is accomplished by having one of the layers in the bottom of the pan made of ferrous metal (magnetic).

Note:  You have to have induction cookware for an induction cooktop.  You can use induction cookware on a gas, electric or induction cooktop.

Designed for boats, RV's and small kitchens, the Galleyware Induction Cookware sets offer everything you need to cook a full meal yet takes up half a cubic foot of cabinet space.  The sets are made of 100-percent marine-grade stainless steel, ensuring that they won't corrode in a marine environment and providing worry-free cooking and simple cleanup. In addition, all the pans have triple-clad bottoms - stainless steel, ferrous metal, and stainless steel - and are milled perfectly flat for even heat distribution on gas, electric, ceramic and INDUCTION cooktops. Best of all, when you're done cooking, the pans nest into a single nesting footprint.


Newly designed for 2016, this is our fourth generation cookware.  We offer three sets in the 9-pc size and three sets in the 14-pc. size - all STAINLESS STEEL, NON-STICK or HYBRID (Stainless Steel pots with a Non-Stick Frying Pan).  A great set for those who like to maximize their storage shelves.  Complete nested set measures 10" in diameter and 8 3/4" high.   Oven-safe and dishwasher-friendly, this yacht-quality cookware set carries a one-year manufacturer's warranty.


The handle is brilliant.  Other sets on the market have a clip on the side of each pan that requires two hands to put on or take off the handle (especially if the pot is hot).  Our new handle allows true one-hand operation - either attaching or detaching.  And, you can put the handle anywhere on the perimeter of the pot.  

Exclusive Plastic Storage Lids.  Another great Galleyware innovation.  The sets come with plastic storage lids for each pot.  Have leftovers?   No problem, just let the pot cool down, put the lid on and put it in the refrigerator.   Then, take the lid off the next day and heat your food.  Eliminates putting leftovers in plastic containers and then having to clean the pot!

Note:  You have to have induction cookware for an induction cooktop.  You can use induction cookware on a gas, electric or induction cooktop.

14-pc. Set Includes:

•  5-qt. Saucepan

•  3-qt. Saucepan

•  1.5-qt. Saucepan

•  5-qt. Dutch Oven

•  9 1/2" Non-Stick Saute Pan

•  2 Detachable Handles

•  Large Multi Lid

•  Small Multi Lid

•  4 Plastic Storage Lids    A Galleyware Exclusive

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