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  • Jul 29 2015
    1. LeJeune's Market by the Bay in Alabama Home of shrimp po' boy! Fresh sweet catch hauled in from the Gulf, breaded and cooked to perfection. Shrimp piled high on light bread from Gambino's in New Orleans. Line up at the counter to order, then sit and enjoy in the bright red booth with blue gingham tablecloth. 2. Shoreline Beach Caf in Santa Barbara, California Set on the beach tables sit in the sand for the beachy dive design. Shoreline prides itself on serving fre... details
  • May 27 2014
    Keeping spices fresh on your boat can be a challenge. Typical spices have a shelf life of 6-12 months after opening. A good rule of thumb for spices on a boat is to purchase the smallest size possible (unless you tend to use a certain spice a lot). When you first open the spice container write the date on the top so you can decide when to replenish. Humidity and heat cause spices to loose their flavors more than anything. Store spices in the lowest possible spot in your galley and keep th... details
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