Solid Color Melamine Dinnerware

Solid Color Melamine Dinnerware Image

Our Melamine Dinnerware. Galley Tested. Hostess Approved.

The Royal Blue CollectionAt Galleyware™, our melamine dinnerware sets make any dinner party a breeze. What makes our dinnerware so great? I'm glad you asked...

• It's vibrant. For over 20 years, our dynamic colors have been dazzling seafarers and vacation-goers all over the world. And with 9 to choose from, there's a color for everyone. What's your favorite?

• It's break-resistant. Every piece we make is made of a tough melamine compound, so it will resist breakage, chipping, and shattering.

• It won't slide around. When you put our dinnerware on a counter or table top, you can be assured that it'll stay in place up to a full 20 degree angle. You will never have to clean up another mess, thanks to the rubber non-skid ring fitted to the bottom of each and every piece.

• It's durable. You can place them in the dishwasher, and you can put them in the microwave for up to sixty seconds.

• It's versatile. Whether it's an intimate, candlelight dinner with your loved one, or a grand nautical soirée, our melamine dinnerware adds the perfect touch. It's light-weight and durable, yet refined and elegant.

So now that you know about our solid color melamine dinnerware, why don't you have a peek for yourself? Click any of the icons below for full-sized photos of every set.


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